Rock and Roll Bride Debut

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 | | 0 comments
One of my very good friends that I've known most of my life recently got married on March 5th. I have been working with Jess since the fall on getting her Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations made to fit her budget and so she could get exactly what she wanted.

If you don't know already I have done several wedding invitations for friends, including my own and I truly believe you save so much more money than ordering them through a company. The average woman spends 10% of her budget on invitations, which is ALOT. I was one of those, but I also had a very elaborate invitation.

I began just asking Jess what she was looking for: color, style, theme, look, etc. Then I started looking around for ideas and inspirations - as did Jess too. I'm no expert when it comes to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator but that is where I like to design most of my invitations and cards because there is so much freedom and neat things that you can do and accomplish. I use to own the programs until my PC crashed and I solely just use my MAC now. My Adobe products were PC only, so I have to use them at work when I can until one day when I can afford them again.

Designing invitations can take awhile and alot of trial and error and test runs. In the end Jess and Brian were happy and I was happy with the final products.

Recently Jess and Brian's wedding was featured in Rock and Roll Bride - and Jess gave a shout out to our company - Oh Me! Boutique for designing them. (thanks!!!) I thought it would be neat to show you their wedding and how unique and beautiful it was. Also I have pictures of her invitations and Save the dates. The pictures aren't wonderful, because I'm not good a photographing, but hey I tried. ENJOY!!!!

Recent Projects

Sunday, January 16, 2011 | | 0 comments

Lately I've been doing some projects for some customers that I've never done before. And I've loved the way they have turned out. Currently I am working on 4 paintings for my house which I hope to get done before April. Take a look at whats been going on.

This customer wanted a smaller version done than the big canvas artwork they had at home. This is a 24x36 painting of a Big Foot Advertisement.
This customer wanted a bow holder for their daughter decorated in browns and light pinks. Her daughter's name starts with the letter "B". This was a fun project to do and there are so many ways to get creative on Bow Holders.
This customer wanted this painted for a gift to a family member. This painting was one of my hardest paintings I've done in awhile because there is so much detail to it.

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